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The 3 industries Amazon could go after next Mortgages: Owning the distribution end; Home & garden: Capitalizing on supply chain expertise; Insurance: Bundling value into the shopping experience; The 4 industries Amazon will disrupt in the next 5 years 1. Pharmacies: Making drugs a low-margin commodity

How Amazon is disrupting grocery. research director at digital insights firm L2, told Retail Dive. "Amazon is not new to the space – they launched AmazonFresh 10 years ago – [and] I think.

Amazon did not respond to a request for comment from Barron’s Next about the. In the short-run that could hurt Amazon’s results.. Amazon Is Disrupting a Surprising New Industry. Amazon.

KMRC brings home ownership to masses Young people are faced with student debt, dwindling incomes (unless they are successful in the tech or financial industry), and fading hopes for entry into home ownership and the. projects approved.

No Indirect Indirect News Media Discussion Activism Research automation anti-ubi qe4p.. indirect The 7 Industries Amazon Could Disrupt Next – CB Insights Research ( Amazon ships so much plastic in cardboard boxes that it should be able to figure out how to collect old boxes.

Deep Dive 7 trends that will disrupt and define retail in 2018 From renewed investment in brick and mortar to a growing appetite for acquisitions, here’s what to expect in the year ahead.

The U.S. wedding industry grew to $76 billion in 2017, up from $72 billion the previous year, according to market research firm IBIS World.. according to CB Insights.. last year closed a.

Top 6 Industries That Will Be Disrupted Next. Companies like Sidedoor and OpenListings begning to capitalize on this and disrupt the market by eliminating the need to use brokers. With the average price of Manhattan homes exceeding $2 million its easy to see why people are eager to avoid brokerage fees especially in high-priced cities.

The Amazon Effect on the U.S. Economy . FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN. In a way, these are jobs that people are doing, therefore, some credit could go to Amazon for job creation. On the other hand.

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Since the 1980s, the trucking industry has experienced a labor shortage, much of it attributed to low wages, an aging workforce, and long-haul driving’s effects on overall health. 7 Absent significant changes to the industry’s business model and talent pool, it may be difficult to see how carriers will attract the 890,000 new drivers that.

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The 7 Industries Amazon Could Disrupt Next Since 1999, Amazon’s disruptive bravado has made "getting Amazoned" a fear for executives in any sector the tech giant sets its sights on. Here are the industries that could be under threat next.