Secretary DeVos wants to roll back student loan protections. AG Shapiro says he won’t let that happen.

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AG Shapiro Says He Won’t Let That Happen. September 27, 2017 – Pennsylvania’s attorney general is leading a charge against the U.S. secretary of education for the second time in two months. AG Josh Shapiro is asking Secretary Betsy DeVos to halt a "systematic rollback of critical student loan protections for student borrowers." "With a rising number of students burdened by college loan.

"We will relentlessly petition the Department of Education to protect students, consumers and other borrowers," Shapiro said. "If Secretary DeVos and her department won’t protect our.

Betsy DeVos Is Hell-Bent on Making Your Student Loans Even Harder to Pay Back.. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.. getting rid of Obama-era protections for student-loan borrowers,

Secretary DeVos Wants to Roll Back Student Loan Protections. AG Shapiro Says He Won’t Let That Happen. September 27, 2017 – Pennsylvania’s attorney general is leading a charge against the U.S. secretary of education for the second time in two months.

June 2017 – Betsy DeVos Just Hired the CEO of a For-Profit Student Loan Company to Run Federal Student Aid (link to TheHill article inside) On Tuesday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, reminding people that she is proof there is no meritocracy when it comes to being a billionaire, tweeted this out into the world: Holy. Shit.

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Education secretary betsy devos withdraws Obama-Era Student Loan Protections. The Obama policy memorandums withdrawn by DeVos required that the government’s Federal Student Aid office do more to help borrowers manage or discharge their debt, Bloomberg reports. DeVos said in a press memo that she was rescinding the previous administration’s list.

Betsy DeVos Moves to Help For-Profit Schools Defraud Students. get their money back. All student loan contracts have a "defense to repayment" clause allowing students to petition for debt.

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