With Powerhouse Event Center out, new plans in store for historic Boise building

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Boise-based WinCo Foods is eyeing a Bozeman location for a new, potentially 85,000-square-foot store, a company representative. Dave Butler said Friday the chain plans to work with the city to fine.

The bricked-in circles in the northeast top corner of the structure are where the power lines headed out from the building to the city. After being empty for almost 15 years, the new owners renovated the Powerhouse and transformed it into the Powerhouse Event Center with the ability to host any type of social function with up to 400 people.

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The downtown YMCA is closing after nearly 90 years with plans still undecided for the future of the historic building where it is located. The former Army-Navy YMCA, opened in November 1924 at 500.

In his Feb. 22 email blast, Zwolfer wrote neither he nor The Cabin had heard from the City of Boise in weeks about the latest plans for its historic building. the new library’s presence as.

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The venue is centrally located in the historic linen district, near downtown Boise. Windermere will move into the former Powerhouse Event Center in Boise, Idaho. It will be renovated into a real estate office.. Event Center out, new plans in store for historic Boise building. Downtown Buildings. The site for Fort Boise was chosen on July 4th.

Ashland, Oregon Text-Only Version.. The itinerary can be viewed online, or printed out if you plan to visit Ashland, Oregon, in person. Created. is another example of an historic building’s adaptation to contemporary use. The Welcome Center has daily schedules informing patrons of OSF shows and events, interactive stations that provide.

Windermere plans to spend about $100,000 to remodel the structure. The building was constructed in 1912 according to Preservation Idaho, and used by Idaho Power and predecessor companies as a power operations building. It was converted in 1999 and opened as the Powerhouse events center in 2000.

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On the upper end, you can rent out a private. kinds of events there. Station Square’s only restaurant, A Taste of Hawaii, recently reopened on the Union Pacific Avenue side of the building on the.