Title-Insurance Company Exposes 885 Million Records Online

A data leak at First American, the largest real estate title insurance company in the United States, has exposed the transaction records of about 900 million customers. Brian Krebs of KrebsOnSecurity broke the story, reporting that the documents involve mortgage deals and date back 16 years to 2003.

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Nearly 885 million mortgage deal records were left exposed in a First American Financial data leak. Consumer Reports explains what happened and how to protect yourself.

The company emailed users: On Friday, an independent security journalist revealed that First American Financial Corp had up to 885 million sensitive customer financial records exposed on its website going back to 2003. First American is the top title insurance firm in the United States.

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Hack Brief: 885 Million Sensitive Financial Records Exposed Online. First American Financial Corporation, a provider of title insurance, said Friday that it had.

News just in from security reporter Brian Krebs: Fortune 500 real estate insurance giant First American exposed approximately 885 million sensitive records because of a bug in its website. Krebs reported that the company’s website was storing and leaking bank account numbers, statements, mortgage an

First American Financial Corp.’s website was unknowingly exposing up to 885 million files related to real estate title insurance records dating from 2003 to 2019.. Home News Over 800 Million Title Insurance Records Exposed in Data Leak.

Pierce Bainbridge is investigating the exposure of an estimated 885 million documents that First American left wide open on its servers: the records. title company there is a high risk that your.

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First American Financial Corp.’s website was unknowingly exposed up to 885 million files related to real estate title insurance records. First American Financial Corp.’s website was unknowingly exposed up to 885 million files related to real estate title insurance records.. the company.

First reported on Friday, May 24 th, 2019, First American Financial Corp., the largest real estate title insurer in the U.S., left 885 million personal and financial records unprotected.As reported by Brian Krebs, security researcher, these online documents contained consumer Social Security numbers, wire transaction receipts, bank account numbers, driver’s license images, and mortgage and.

First American Mortgage Corp., the title insurance company that left hundreds of millions of personal documents exposed on the internet, is now facing a lawsuit and an inquiry by New York’s.