This house may not have building regulations consent – does it matter?

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Building regulations (those amorphous, contradictory, dictatorial, and But building regulations-in solidifying the status quo of construction technology and housing aesthetics-often do The National Electrical Code is silent on the matter. Some municipalities allow self-builders and homeowners to.

Work that does not need approval. You do not need building regulations approval for some exempt projects, including: most repairs, replacements and maintenance work (except heating systems, oil tanks, fuse boxes and glazing units) new power and lighting points, or changes to existing circuits (except around baths and showers)

You do have a chance. Precedence and guidance indicates that the creation of an extension that shows significant imagination and would not deter from the special’ nature of the listed building may be successful in gaining listed building consent and planning permission. The use of a contemporary design would be applicable to show the.

a) An insurance company may refuse to pay out under a Buildings Insurance Policy if there is inadequate Building Regulation Consent for alterations to the property. b) If there is no Building Regulation Approval for the works, they could be structurally dangerous. c).

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Planning permission may be needed in addition to listed building or scheduled monument consent. The application process and requirements for each are different. What activity does and does not require planning permission is matter of considerable complexity. The Government’s Planning Portal provides much useful advice.

Regardless of whether or not you need planning permission, your loft conversion will have to meet building regulations approval. Building regulations are in place to make sure that any work done is structurally sound, that the new room is fire safe and that sound is reasonably insulated between the loft and the rooms below. The specific regulations that apply will depend on the type of conversion you have.

The current legislation does not provide for any time limit on enforcement action being taken in respect of works carried out without Listed Building Consent (in contrast with the position where development is carried out without planning permission).