The 3 Paths to Wealth Creation

The truth is that wealth is not an event that hits you out of the blue, as much as the lottery players out there would like to believe. Wealth is a process. You might aim to get there sooner or be content to ride out a strategy for the long haul – but you will need a process in place.

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This is probably the slowest of the three paths to wealth creation, but it is the most passive. Which means it will require the least amount of your time. Owning Real Estate. Let me get this out of the way, as it has somehow become a controversial issue in the past several years.

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The 3 Phases of the Wealth Cycle [Part 1 – Wealth Creation]. understand where we are in life to make decisions that keep us on the right path. The 3 Paths to Wealth.And Your Savings Rate. Once you have an education, leading to a career that creates value in the world, Investing in the Stock Market.

In 2016, after returning from the compulsory federal government-run National Youth Service Scheme, Ekemini had set out on a path of entrepreneurship. made in leading the wealth creation journey in.

In two years, I was in charge of six countries and had 95 people working for me. I went from worn out shoes and one suit of clothes to having three apartments in three different cities, dining in fine restaurants and traveling around the world by jet all because I began to see new opportunities for wealth creation.

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The Ten Commandments Of Wealth Building.. The path of least resistance to wealth is paved by supportive environments that literally pull you toward the goal. Apply Leverage: Leverage is what separates those who achieve wealth from those who don’t. You can’t reach the goal by trading time for.

Building wealth is a hot topic that sparks heated debate, promotes quirky "get rich quick" schemes, and drives people to pursue transactions they might otherwise never consider. "Three Simple.