SNP guru warns of chaos in swift change of currency

WATCH Chaos erupts in the Commons as SNP leader thrown out over Brexit demands.. But the SNP chief’s insistence that it be addressed immediately – and repeated refusal to sit back down – caused.

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Business groups in the North and the Republic have combined in an unprecedented show of support for the Brexit deal following a week of political chaos in Westminster that sunk the pound and.

Scotland could abandon currency union with UK, says Alex Salmond. Mr Salmond has been one of the most impatient advocates of a second referendum, since resigning as SNP leader after the 2014 vote. In 2015 he suggested that a vote could be triggered by the UK renewing its Trident submarines.

An SNP "Scottish" Currency Lie ? Hiding the real facts and Dangers behind an Indy "Yes" Vote ? The SNP’s insistence on its Indy Manifesto fronted by its head illusionist alex salmond that the "Scottish Pound " would be the currency if Scots voted for Independence was merely a "smoke and mirrors "untruthful attempt to instil the idea in Scots voters minds that Voting for Independence would mean.

Keiser Report: ETF whale: Bank of Japan (E1391) max keiser claims that brits facing sterling volatility due to Brexit uncertainty are “loading up on Bitcoin.” He cites as evidence this piece by my Forbes colleague Billy Bambrough, which reports on.

The threat came as Angela Eagle, Labour’s shadow leader of the Commons, revealed it was prepared to speak to any other party in a hung Parliament – including the SNP – to try. country desperately.

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