Retirement income-seekers already feeling pinch from rate cut

The change could boost the value of your pension pot at retirement by half – around an extra £55,000 for someone on average earnings. “Although some savers will inevitably feel the pinch. pay-cut.

Rising cost of living leaves retirees feeling the pinch By The Bower Team / In Company News , Retirement Planning If you’ve been feeling the pinch lately then there’s a good reason why.

As economists and Wall Street types grope for historical perspective – another way of saying a road map out of this mess – Americans are nervously wondering about retirement savings, interest rates.

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Certain job markets will feel the pinch. Companies that make baby supplies, car seats, and toys are already feeling the blow. Last year, Kimberly-Clark cut thousands of jobs to make up for lower sales. That might happen at other companies, too. Which also affects investors. When public companies start feeling the pinch, their stock price may drop.

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The jerk that just cut you off. the unemployment rate fell to 9.3% in June from 9.6% a year ago. Though trending downward, the figure is roughly twice what the U.S. is comfortable with. And the.

The term "fixed income" can be confusing. Many adults of all ages have a reasonably steady income, whether from a salaried work position or dependable work at an hourly job. But a fixed income, at least as it applies to budgeting and investing for retirement, is something different. Another.

Then Sears went out of business and overnight his pension dropped by 30 per cent-almost $450 a month. The 72-year-old former appliance salesman is among 18,000 retirees feeling the pinch.

4 easy ways people with limited or low income can save for retirement.. While you may feel that your monthly budget is extra lean already, there are usually some ways to cut expenses that could.

I throw $300 a month from my retirement check into my credit union share account. We like to buy a new car every 4 to 5 years max, with cash. With my trade-in value, this has always been a way to have that $$ without feeling the pinch of a big withdrawal from "retirement" funds.