Oakland scraps rent control exemption for owner-occupied duplexes

Oakland voters approved Measure Y, which will extend just cause eviction protection to owner-occupied duplexes and triplexes. Measure Y amends Oakland’s Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance to remove the exemption that allowed landlords to evict tenants in duplexes and triplexes without just cause if the owner lived in the building.

We don’t have to wait to repeal Costa Hawkins to fight displacement and stabilize the homes of thousands of tenants in Oakland NOW. Oakland City Council has the power to remove rent-control exemptions on thousands of currently owner-occupied duplex and triplex units in Oakland and protect the futures of families in thousands more.

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Such a broad exemption would effectively remove a significant number of units from the rental market and displace hundreds of renters. Therefore, to preserve the composition of the rental market, the exemption is limited to current owner-occupied duplexes that were owner-occupied at the beginning of rent control.

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Oakland scraps rent control exemption for owner-occupied duplexes cal Vet Homes For Sale Why Newsom is partly to blame Hundreds of new apartment units, teacher housing coming to Mountain view oakland scraps rent control exemption for owner-occupied duplexes More Bay Area homes for sale. Shady Paws is a program that works to put homeless.

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oakland city council ordinance no. 1 3 3 6 0 c.m.s. introduced on behalf of members of the public by council president lynette gibson mcelhaney 6 affirmative votes required interim emergency ordinance to temporarily: 1) eliminate the exemptions from rent control for owner-occupied duplexes and triplexes and substantially rehabilitated

This means that duplexes and triplexes will be under similar rent control protections as 4+ unit houses, even if the owner lives there. This lessens the incentive for owners to move in and evict automatically on 2 and 3 unit buildings in Oakland. While the fight continues for the future of the Big Blue House, this is a great step for Oakland.