Is it too early to panic about H-4 visa holders’ work permits?

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Immigration experts feel it is too early to panic about the loss of jobs for H1-B spouses in the US under the proposed work ban, as the move is not new.. Work visa for spouse no threat to.

This assurance by the US authorities should put to rest all speculations and rumors that caused panic in the minds of people having short-term work permits. visa holders waiting for green cards.

EAD (work permit) for H-4 visa holders. We are not too far off from having the rule passed for the H-4 Visa Holders able to work in the United States. But those H-4 spouses of H-1B non-immigrants who have their green card process in progress might be able to avail this opportunity.

This category includes CW applicants who never had an umbrella permit but had CNMI work authorization that expired after Nov. 28, 2009 and who applied for and received parole. It also includes people.

 · So it happens. Every year H1B work visa holders gather up their annual vacation leave and make the trip back home for a Whatsapp “chat” mangni & pat byah. And every year, a young indian girl travels across the oceans to land up in an unknown country with a man she barely knows. She becomes an H4 visa holder – the dependent spouse.

The Employment Authorization for Certain H-4 Dependent Spouses final rule (H-4 rule), effective on May 26, 2015, seeks to support the goals of attracting and retaining highly skilled foreign workers and minimizing the disruption to U.S. businesses resulting from H-1B nonimmigrants who choose not to remain in the United States and pursue LPR status. – Stock market quotes, news, charts, financials, technical analysis and stocks, indexes, commodities, forex trading strategies.. markets, stock. World News Network, The ( – 14 Jan, 2019 Referenced Companies: Device Authority Device Authority provides IoT security for 3D Systems’ cloud-based 3D printer service

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“I just entered the US. I have a US visitor visa (b1/b2 visa) in my passport that is valid for 10 years. At the port of entry the immigration officer issued me an I-94 saying I was admitted for 6 months. How long can I stay in the US: 6 months or 10 years?” Lack of knowledge or misunderstanding.