Housing Outlook Remains Weak While Labor Market Stays Strong

 · Tweet This. Incoming data show a soaring U.S. economy, a healthy labor market with near full employment thanks to stricter border controls shrinking (illegal) lower skilled-labor pools, and some rebound in Europe and Japan. A full-blown trade war would bring stagflationary impulses globally, but for now overall fiscal and monetary policies,

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(Reuters) – Canada’s housing market will stay stuck in the doldrums. the improving integration of immigrants on the labor market and the preference of millennials are creating a strong demand for.

While job growth remains positive in Ventura County, sectoral data give little. At a Business Outlook Conference in Thousand Oaks, CA in October 2018,. is not a great thing, as Ventura County's housing market is already weak and has.. We believe that slow population growth has come to stay in Ventura County.

May 21 (Reuters) – Canada’s housing market will stay stuck in the doldrums. the improving integration of immigrants on the labor market and the preference of millennials are creating a strong.

The United States Economy: Why such a Weak Recovery?. negative equity positions in the housing market.. labor force growth.” Page 129. While there has been a substantial slowing of labor.

The S&P has a strong. remains weak. Housing Starts and Building Permits are trending downwards while New Home Sales is trending sideways. In the past, these 3 indicators trended downwards before.

While the Global Monetary Base Is Still Outsized, It Is Now Headed Lower. markets, oil at $45 per barrel, weak global auto sales, and slowing housing.. Said differently, it feels like the capital markets might be “stuck” in the medium term. If growth is too strong, financial conditions will continue to tighten.

Economic sentiment is down across the board, with housing affordability the only metric where respondents have a semi-positive outlook. Here’s what our. ben udy, Capital Economics (Hold): "The.

REIT Outlook and top real estate Issues to Watch for in 2019. Also, inflation has remained tame, slowing to 1.5 percent pace over the past six months. labor markets: job growth has been robust so far in 2018, with nonfarm payrolls.. as there is pent-up demand from the housing crisis great enough to meet even the.