Dodgy parking operators who fine the dead face ban

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"Some dodgy operators are engaging in practices including ‘ghost ticketing’ – the use of CCTV to spot parking infringements and Time and again I hear horror stories from motorists, so this bill will reform unfair parking operator practices. It will oblige anyone who wants to run a car park on private land to.

‘Dodgy’ parking firms face government crackdown amid new code of practice. Firms who fall foul of new code will be forced out of industry, say Sajid Javid. Parking firms falling foul of the rules will be blocked from accessing driver data and issuing fines, effectively forcing them out of the industry.

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Challenging an unfair parking fine. To state the obvious, parking tickets should only really be challenged if you think they’re unfair. People who find it difficult to walk because they’re disabled, are pregnant or have a very young baby can appeal as getting back to their car in time might have been.

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New rules will be introduced to ban cowboy parking companies after operators tried to fine a dead person and a woman too short to read parking signs. He told of a motorist who was unable to get a mortgage after a parking company gained a county court judgment over an unpaid 45 fine.

And a British Transport Police chief said the problem of cyber fares is increasing – and warned anyone who is tempted they face. dodgy ticket. With thousands potentially using fake tickets across.

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