Despite government shutdown, you can still watch Panda Cam – for now

The federal government may be shut down, but panda fans can still get a peek at the National Zoo’s bamboo-crunching trio on its Panda Cam livestream.

Govt. shutdown: US military ops continue while civilian services heavily affected. The US government shut down Saturday after failing to reach an agreement on an approved budget for federal agencies. government funding expired midnight Friday, sparking the start of the first government shutdown since 2013. A government shutdown results in large.

Republicans call the bill a reasonable compromise to end the partial government shutdown that makes a sound investment toward border security. Democrats call it a "Trojan horse" that provides only.

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What Does a Government Shutdown Mean for Art Museums? By Jillian Billard. Jan. 22, 2018. despite some incredibly disheartening news that "live-animal cameras, including the panda cam, will not be broadcasting" at the National Zoo. (Fortunately, however, officials have assured the public that the animals will continue to be well-cared for and.

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers will be furloughed now that the government has shut down. Here’s a list of what you likely can and can’t do during a government shutdown. We’ll be adding.

It was so much black she looked like a panda bear. Speaking of pandas, since the government shutdown I can’t watch the baby panda cam on the National Zoo website. Get it together federal government!

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The most drastic (and deeply upsetting) effect of the government shutdown is clearly the fact that the National Zoo’s panda cam has gone dark. But you’ll be okay. You’ll get through this. Why? Because here are six alternative animal cams to enjoy in the meantime. (Oh, and if these don’t cut it for you, here at TIME we made our very own panda cam that you can enjoy here.)

Even the panda cam that lets you watch, you know, the pandas on a live stream 24 hours a day will shut down. NASA , I think, is furloughing about 97 percent of its staff.