Can I still use my driver’s license at the airport?

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Linda is referring to the news that starting January 22, 2018, residents of states who have not complied with the federal REAL ID Act will no longer be able to use their driver’s license or other state-issued ID as a valid form of identification at TSA checkpoints.The TSA has begun posting warning signs at some checkpoints around the country.

OK, so you lost your driver’s license. But TSA accepts a bunch of other forms of ID for domestic travel. So, if you have any of the below with you at the airport, you don’t have to sweat it at all.

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Your driver’s license might not get you through airport security. share. Dec 29th 2015 11:25AM.. If you don’t have a passport, you can still use your driver’s license, but you may have to deal.

Soon your driver's license might not get you through airport security. to board a domestic flight in the US will need to have a Real ID-compliant license.. Kentucky, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island still aren't in compliance and have been granted. It's still used at some day cares.

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Although compliant states must meet certain requirements, there is no uniform Real ID card: States still issue their. 15 alternatives that can get one through an airport security checkpoint, such.

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I can’t believe I telling this but last month I had to rent a car.but my license was suspended (long story). I borrowed a coworkers license (he has same dark complexion & is bald), booked a rental under his name, bypassed the counter -thanks, preferred status!, & only had to show his card when I was exiting the airport.

American travelers can continue using their driver’s licenses to board domestic flights through Oct. 11, 2018. As the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) attempts to roll out the REAL ID Act.

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Take a breath, wipe the sweat from your brow, and approach a TSA agent, because there’s a chance that you’ll still be able to fly. Your chances will vary, depending on what other forms of ID you.

There’s plenty of confusion about whether your standard-issue Washington state driver’s license will get you through security checks at the airport for much longer. Here’s a Q&A that tackles.