Bieter proposes smaller lots, more in-law units to fight housing-cost increases

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Boise Mayor David Bieter is proposing to make it easier to build and rent in-law units, give developers more flexibility, reduce lot sizes and spend money to encourage affordable housing. It’s also possible that firms would respond to increased labor costs by holding profits steady and instead passing along price increases. more children than Americans are used to having.

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Most of the 17 Maltman bungalows are one-bedroom units with about 700 square feet of living space and tiny gardens an appealing alternative to condo living tor some buyers. (Axel Koester / For the Los angeles times) boise & GARDEN city bieter proposes smaller lots, more in-law units to fight housing-cost increases VENICE, CA gisa AM FOX ‘NEWS

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Less than a month now before Vancouver starts to tax the stuffing out of people with secondary residences – often small condos used part of the year. The argument against? Lots of people have.

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