Bank of America paid $315 million to settle crisis-era lawsuits

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Bank of America Corp’s Merrill Lynch unit settled one such case for $315 million, while Wells Fargo & Co settled another for $125 million. Goldman’s settlement calls for the wall street bank to pay.

$315 million. August 2011. Bank of America settles with the City of San Francisco over allegations that the bank’s FIA Card Services used a rigged system to arbitrate credit card debt collection.

Bank Of America Settles For $315 Million Over Bad merrill lynch investments. Just last week, the same judge who has to sign off on this settlement blocked a $285 million settlement between Citigroup and the Securities & Exchange Commission because that agreement included no admission of guilt or assertion of innocence on Citi’s part. The AP reports that the BofA settlement includes similar language.

If finalized, the deal would be the largest penalty ever paid by a single company. A done deal would hike BofA’s legal tab stemming from the financial crisis era. $34.4 million. In January 2013,

Merrill Lynch & Co., which is now owned by Bank of America, has agreed to pay $315 million to settle a mortgage-securities lawsuit. Many observers believe this could well be the first of a long line of settlements. Investors are stepping up efforts to recoup losses from the mortgage meltdown.

Bank of America has paid $315 million to settle lawsuits brought by Deutsche Bank AG and BNP Paribas Mortgage Corp. over BofA’s handling of hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgage-backed.

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Bank of America agreed to pay $315 million to settle claims by investors that they were misled about mortgage-backed investments sold by its Merrill Lynch unit. The settlement was disclosed in court papers filed late Monday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan and requires the approval of a judge.

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Bank of America agreed to pay $315 million to settle claims by investors that they were misled about mortgage-backed investments sold by its Merrill Lynch unit. The settlement was disclosed in.

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