30 Greatest Threats to Your Retirement

Since the first monthly benefit was paid in 1940, Social Security has helped to provide a financial foundation for seniors during retirement. A majority of. The much bigger threat to Social.

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Presented by Brian Leising (HINT: It’s not the stock market!) How many of your clients have protected their assets from the greatest threat they face in retirement, the high costs of extended care?What happens to clients and their families with no protection from this risk?

 · Let’s say you make $40,000 a year and you are 30 years old. You start your 403b with $1000 and you retire when you reach 65. If you contribute 6% and your company matches that contribution you final retirement number would be $375,548. This would be.

The first generation of post-World War II retirees lived an average of about five years in retirement. Various factors have increased life spans so that now most people can expect to live 20 or 30 years in retirement. A growing percentage will be retired much longer, even spending more time in retirement than they did working.

Even if you’ve been diligently saving for retirement and have your money socked away in the right investments for your age, unforeseen problems can disrupt your careful planning. threats to your.

Top 10 money threats to your retirement. For instance, just 9% of workers say they plan to retire before age 60, compared with 37% of retirees who report they retired that early, and that 14% of workers plan to retire at ages 60 to 64, while nearly a third (32%) of retirees retired at these ages.

Your retirement plan needs to be able to deal with these and other threats to your financial security. A good plan will have flexibility and a cushion. You also need to stay on top of trends throughout retirement so you can make modest adjustments to changing circumstances before major adjustments are needed.

Avoiding The 5 Greatest Threats To Your retirement security healthstatus 0 0 0 As the economies of many nations around the world are in a state of continuous change, the thought of retirement might be the least of your worries. 30 Greatest Threats to Your Retirement Saving for retirement is difficult enough if all goes according to plan.

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